Friday, July 03, 2009

Nick's Work Experience

Last week Nick, my work experience student and I went to help out at the SEPnet Outreach stand at the ASE conference for teachers at the University of Surrey, Guildford.

Nick was 'encouraged' to ride the "The Disco Bike", as he peddled the disco ball turned, lights flashed and music began to blare out of the speakers - human power!

SEPnet links the Universities of Southampton, Kent, Sussex, Royal Holloway (University of London), and Queen Mary, (University of London) together to support Physics. One of the things we do together is the GCSE Outreach project. Year 10 students are invited to the universities to learn about Energy, Radiation and careers in Physics. (The Disco Bike is one of the demonstrations students get to play with).

Nick says:-

"I am a year 10 student who has just completed two weeks of work experience at the School of Physics and Astronomy. During these last two weeks, when not photocopying, I have done lots of amazing and wonderful things including making a hologram, going to the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition up in London (that's Nick being shown a 'science' magic trick - ed.) and going on a tour round Fawley power station. At the start I was given heaps of work such as finishing the year 10 prospectus and various alumni posters but over the past two weeks it has been entwined with lots of fun and interesting experiments and trips which I would never normally do.

I have been treated with respect and I have learnt numerous interesting facts and skills which I will take with me out of work experience. Pearl has been really helpful and has boosted not only my confidence but also helped me improve valuable life skills. All in all, my work experience has been great!"

Thanks Nick, I'll stop twisting your arm now and let you get on with finishing that paperwork!"

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