Friday, July 18, 2008

Thomas Hardye - holograms and ears

Okay, it wasn't quite 'holograms and ears' - more like holograms and hearing.

Year 11 students from Thomas Hardye School visited the University of Southampton last week and spent time making holograms, learning about astronomy and touring the Institute of Sound and Research.
The students arrived and were split into two groups - half of them made holograms with me - and half of the The Thomas Hardye pupils worked with Undergraduate Physics Student Hannah Calcott and Post graduate student Anna Kapinska - an astronomer who studies black holes - to learn about astronomy in 3D, and laser technology.

After working in Physics and Astronomy, students met with Dr Steve Dorney - where they modelled sound travelling through different materials. The Thomas Hardye students then got to experience the anechoic chamber

Apparently they all enjoyed themselves! Everyone is welcome to contact the University to arrange a visit for their students.


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