Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Astronomers - The Balloon Man

Professor Tony Dean, member of staff at the School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Southampton and director and superviser on the Tenerife astronomy field trip - was one of the original proposers for the INTEGRAL space mission.

Tony Dean's research is in 'High energy astrophysics' using gamma-ray astronomy to study Active Galactic Nuclei, neutron stars and black hole systems. He is also interested in gamma-ray telescopes.

Tony has a background working with balloon-mounted telescopes - weighing up to 2 tonnes. The enormous balloons pulled the telescopes up into the stratosphere to observe at gamma-rays.

Tony was in charge of the first week of our two-week field trip to Tenerife, working in collaboration with students from the Universidad de La Laguna.

One of the students in Tony's team said 'we're so lucky to have him supervise our project because he's able to advise us on all areas that we need help with - he is able to help with all the science and engineering and has a lot of experience with giving presentations too!'


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