Sunday, April 06, 2008

Night Lunch!

Astronomers are made of sterner stuff than I. It's cold on the mountain where we are observing. No, I mean it, it's really cold; I wore all of the clothes that I'd brought along for the 10-day trip last night and I was still cold; I was also the only one who complained about the cold too - I tried not to, but I just couldn't help myself.

As a holographer who has done some of her best work at 2 in the morning I understand how one can get caught up in one's work and stay up really late, however I just couldn't keep up with the Astronomers and wussed out at 1.30am last night/this morning and went to bed.

I got up bright and early and met the students and staff coming back from their night's observing; oh the shame of it - I have undoubtably lost everyone's respect now and will have to do something spectacular to make up for it. Perhaps if I spend all of the day researching astronomy basics to find out what it means to calculate the radius of a globular cluster - which is what Alex Terris, one of the students, wanted to do for his research project - then stay up all tonight without night-lunch (the use of copious amounts of sugar and chocolate to counter the body's overwhelming demand for sleep -even while standing up- during astronomical research) not for any 'holier-than-thou', anti-junkfood sentiment mind, but because I can't eat refined sugar for health reasons - then perhaps, I might regain some of my standing with the Astronomers.

Now, off to Wikepedia to find out about those globular clusters...


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