Friday, May 30, 2008

60 Years of Holography

Holography is 60 Years-old! Can't believe it. I've been making holograms for 25 years now, and recent advances in technology have allowed me to mass-produce holograms with people of all ages. (Thanks to work done by Mike Anderson and Prof T Jeong, who have developed a holography rig and suitable plates and chemistry).

Jonathan Ross has been touring an exhibition of his fantastic holography collection around the UK, entitled; 'Holograms: The first 60 Years', and I was asked to provide some holography workshops to support the exhibitions in Banbury, Oxford and Rugby.

Yesterday I visited Oxfordshire Museum, in Woodstock, and did 6 workshops , helping to make 48 holograms which all worked beautifully. (My thanks to Christina Parker and Davina for their support).

The photos in this blog entry were taken during workshops in Banbury Museum in April. Some of the participants evaluations comments included: 'Fantastic - all of it right level, informative, exciting', 'it was very good', and 'excellent'. Christina Parker at Oxfordshire Museum said it was the best workshop they'd had. I was very pleased.


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