Thursday, May 21, 2009

Making holograms for the first time

Today in Making Space we've been making holograms and I've been teaching Lorna Digweed (Youth Arts Coordinator in Winchester), Nicola and Zac Slaven about laser technology.
Nicola and Zac explain what they've been doing: -

"We made a hologram with a glass plate - its not just glass it had a layer of jelly with tiny bits of silver in it. We made a hologram of a star, earings, two pound coins, a plant and a bracelet.

We put the hologram and the object on a laser rig with the glass side down. In the dark we stood still for two minutes and then we took the black piece of card away for 16 seconds and then we put the card back in over the light.

Then we soaked it in some liquid for 10 seconds, then in to more liquid for 10 seconds, then in to liquid until it went see-through- transparent."

The developer and holography plates for the project were purchased from Integraf. Making holograms using this equipment is quick and gives excellent results.

The photos below show Lorna, Nicola and Zac's holograms illuminated by sunlight - in the court yard at Making Space.

Nicola took some great photos of Zac and Lorna learning about light waves and optics.



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