Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Light Express Crew

Sam Berry and Mohammad Belal have been running the Light Express Roadshow this week. They performed the Light Fantastic show - which demonstrates the Photonics - or Laser Technology - behind the internet, and particle physics to students visiting the School of Physics and Astronomy on our Summer School Taster Days.
Sam and Belal also performed the Light Express show to students on the AimHigher Summer Residential School . The visiting Year 10 students also had a bottle rocket competition and learned about laser fusion.
Sam and Belal are shown standing behind a tank filled with water, which has a powerful laser beam aimed into the water. The light reflects of the surface of the water and is trapped in a similar fashion to the way that a laser beam is trapped within glass within a fibre optic. It's called Total internal reflection (TIR). Sam is showing how the bright light escapes the tank.

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