Friday, January 04, 2008

Creative Partnerships - Holography and Photography 'Identity' Workshops

During November and December we took part in a Creative Partnerships 'Identity' Project with 60 Sholing Technology College Year 8 Students and artist Garry Kennard of the Art and Mind organisation.

During this Creative Partnerships project students made holograms of objects that are precious – or unique to them - to explore issues of identity creatively. Students learnt about Biometrics and used drawings of their own fingerprints as creative starting points to produce photograms. Students also explored the science behind the photographic and holographic light-based media to learn what made their artwork possible – doing hands-on activities with lasers and optics.

Some of the students’ feedback included:-

Class 8MT

‘I really enjoyed making the holograms and seeing the end product…I have something that represents me’.

‘It helped me think about what to do in the future’. P.S. IT WAS AMAZING!’

Class 8MR
‘I have never made holograms before. It’s the best science lesson’.

‘I wouldn’t normally do this but I thought it was awesome!’

‘We’ve all worked hard…but we haven’t been made to work hard’.

We all worked together and helped each other, so we made…perfect holograms’.

An exhibition of drumming, photograms, holograms, poetry and totempoles that the students made will be on show for the whole school and friends and parents of the students in March.


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