Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Good Medicine

I've just been lucky enough to spend a week in Long Island City's Center for Holographic Arts. I won an Artist-in-Residency making holograms with the help of artist Sam Moree who produced this piece 'The Good Medicine Cabinet' for me. We made an achromatic white light transmission hologram - or 'Light Work' of medicines whose labels had been 'doctored'. You might just be able to make out the 'anger' lable on the bottle of pills in the bottom left hand corner of the hologram. Other medicines included 'imperfection' lotion, 'hope' plasters and 'judgementalism' tablets. Many thanks to Ana Maria Nicholson, artist and the Director of the Holocenter - for her personal and professional support during my project.

Many thanks too to Martina Mrongovious for taking these photo at the gallery talk I gave on 'Holographic Space' on completion of the project.

Artists Ikuo Nakamura, Susan Dumitru (with Aiden and Lawrence), Doris Vila, Mike Wenyon and other fine art holography supporters turned up for the talk on Holographic space. Many thanks to the International Holography Fund for making this experience possible.



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