Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Back a bit.

More about Fuji and other emulsions (yesterday - 11th July) - from Gates:

'You can feel a real buzz of excitement amongst the holographers that Fuji Hunt - a large film company - is showing such intest in the field. (Maybe the free pen has made me slightly biased!) [ed: we tried the Fuji film using red - for educational purposes - we were able to develop in 10 seconds using ascorbic acid, very useful when you are doing holography workshops!]

Sefra and Geola also presented their new ultra fine panchromatic emulsion which they developed for pulsed laser operation. The advantage of the new emulsion is its small grain size, which they claim to be 10nm.

Colourholographics also plugged their panchromatic emulsion - you can almost taste those Smarties!

The brilliant Jeff Blyth (consultant to Smart Holograms) also gave a talk on some of his latest work on improved sensitivity of dichromated gelatine.

After another tasty lunch in the street (the name of the dinning area) it was the turn of the digital holographers.

The session started with a fabrication system developed by Tesa Scribos from Germany. It's a neat system that can make small, unique holograms in one second - its main application is in security.'

....... more of everything to follow.


Blogger Kaveh Bazargan said...

By the way the paper by Jeff Blyth and John Pecora was given on Tuesday I think, and Jeff did mention the forum where he met John. So the forum is becoming established. :-)

11:28 AM  
Blogger Pearl V John said...

Cor, I'm losing track of time! And, cool.

11:37 AM  

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