Saturday, July 08, 2006

The symposium -- almost there

Yawn – stretch - five hours driving from Southampton and James Gates & I arrive in St.Asaphs, North Wales. We turned up at the Bodelwydden Castle (overlooking the beautiful, green landscape around St Asaph) to see whether we could give Jonathan Ross a hand with the holography exhibition at the last minute. I am sorry to say that I was absolutely no help at all, Jonathan and Martin Richardson had been hanging the exhibition since last Thursday and it looked amazing. (Exhibition ‘review’ to follow.).

Back at the hotel we lurked in the bar and it wasn’t long before Iñaki Berunistein (of super pseudocolour reflection holograms fame) and Turkish holographer Huseyn Gundogdu ( came in and sat down for a chat. Kaveh Bazargan joined us and told us about how his company intended to record the conference presentations in multimedia format. The photo shows Kaveh with the conference proceedings he has produced. This will be available on after the Symposium.

We thought of the holographers who had died recently and mourned not just their passing, but also the fact that we didn’t even have them on film. :(


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